Patricia fK is a small paper and illustration studio based in Atlanta, Georgia.


As a kid, Patricia Kusumadjaja (koo-soo-mah-jiy-uh) would often make greeting cards and write letters and notes for those she deemed most deserving; her family, parents’ co-workers, school friends, the babysitter, piano tutor, neighbors, and just about any other person willing to accept her little tokens of friendship. For her, giving greeting cards was her way of spreading love and laughter to those around her. It was Patricia’s way of making people feel special. 

After she graduated from architecture school in 2015, Patricia made custom paintings for holiday cards for her co-workers and their families. The custom holiday cards were such a hit that they snowballed into requests for wedding invitations, which rolled into requests for business paper goods. In early January 2017, with the encouragement of her longtime partner, Keith, Patricia founded Patricia fK Design and Illustration (or PfK, for short), a design and paper goods company which offers 100% custom watercolor illustrations, design services, and in-house printing on high quality, sometimes handmade, papers sourced from all around the world.

As a trained watercolorist and the sole illustrator and designer of the company, Patricia has created hundreds of illustrations through watercolor for various commissions, projects, and products, since 2015.


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In her own words


To me, PfK is one of my more public forms of self-expressions. I think it's important that when you have a piece of work that comes out of our studio, that you know a bit about the person who made it. So here's a few blurbs about yours truly.

If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it'd be Korean bbq. I enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot day, but the way to my heart is Sangria. I like reading classics, but my favorite series of all times is obviously Harry Potter (Hufflepuff and proud!). I plan on retiring in a small, ocean side town where you can walk everywhere, and I'd work at the local grocery store. Instead of long walks at the beach, I enjoy long naps in a comfortable bed with fluffy pillows (comfort > everything). I love traveling, whether it be via road trips or flying somewhere. My favorite tradition is an annual beach trip with friends to a st george island, where we do absolutely nothing for an entire week. when I feel down, i watch this video of my furbaby (sandy) completely ignoring my favorite human (keith) because she loves cars.

I'm not really a "quotes" kind of person, but I do live by this:

Work Hard, Play Harder.