Patricia FK at Root City Summer Market - June 17, 2017

On June 17, Patricia fK Design & Illustration participated in Root City Market at Stoveworks on Krog St. as our first market event. Not only did we set up a physical, one-day pop-up, we also launched over 20 different greeting cards, art prints, and postcard designs as a part of our Summer Product Collection. This collection will be available online this week, so stay tuned!


We also built an 8' tall paper flower wall as a Photo Booth backdrop for customers and market attendees to enjoy.  Our flower wall is constructed of 1/4" recyclable sheetrock, painted with low VOC paint, and flowers made of scrap paper found around our studio from previous projects. Needless to say, the wall was quite a hit!

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As co-founder and creative editor, I participated in Root City Market's Maker Talk, hosted by Jon E Goode. One of the highlights of the Maker Talk session is when Goode asked where my inspiration for art and business comes from:

I grew up in a very art-conscious family. My mom is a hairstylist, and my brother is a fashion photographer. My father is a self-made business man who loves design and architecture - he designed the first house we’ve ever lived in. My sister dabbles in sewing and clothes-making. As a kid, my parents put me in music, dance, and art lessons, starting at probably age 4. In college, I studied architecture and fine arts. All of those elements have shaped me into this person sitting with you today. My life is centered around design and building relationships through design and art. As far as business goes - it’s thrilling to me. Some people ride roller coasters or go skydiving - I build a business.

I would like to thank those who have supported us online and off-line, those who came to visit our booth, and those who have send kind thoughts and messages. Special thanks to Xiyuan Jelly Yin for taking photos. We would like to thank Shannon Kroll and her team for the wonderful communication and organization. My team and I sincerely thank you all for your support, and we look forward to our next adventure as a team.