Weddings: Jessica and Jonathan


Jessica and Jonathan's wedding is set at the Silverbell Pavilion at the Emory Conference Center. I met Jess well over a year before a wedding - she is easily, one of the most organized and prepared bride I’ve worked with. As we got closer to her wedding date, I met again with Jess and her (then) fiance, I showed her past weddings that I’ve worked on, and made mock sketches as we sat together (hint: benefit of booking a meeting in person!)

Sitting down together with Jess and Jon and sketching together made the illustration process so much more seamless, and we were able to focus our time and effort to the details much more than usual. As we sat down together, Jess and Jon decided to incorporate the Atlanta skyline, their two adorable pups, and some fall foliage into the invitation suite. We also decided on wording, color scheme, and more. Here’s a peek into the sketches from our meeting:


From here, I spent the weekend at the lake and painted, made digital drafts of the invitations, RSVP cards, rehearsal dinner invitations, and more. Here are a few photos of the drawing and painting process, and a quick time lapse video of the painting process. Quick shout-out to Pat (Keith’s mom) for being my camera-lady as I forgot my gooseneck tripod back in the city.


the painting process

Sketching and painting various illustration elements.

Photo Jun 09, 9 15 50 AM.jpg

Illustrated elements:

Crest with initials (they share the same initials), puppies, tree branch, and the Midtown ATL skyline





The illustration went pretty smoothly for us, mostly because Jess and Jon had an idea of what it would look like thanks to our sketch session during consultation. With the additional time that we saved, we were able to focus on adding details that would make the invitation suite stand out. Below is the proof with the illustration that I sent (we barely had any revisions, which is AMAZING!), and the paper detailing that we made custom for Jess and Jon. They chose to do a full set of Arches paper in rough texture, which is handmade from France. We then deckle-tore each invitation by hand, and gilded corners and edges with gold leafing…by hand.

The Proof

Photo Jun 20, 12 28 55 AM.jpg

The Paper Detailing


Photo Jun 18, 10 30 36 PM.jpg

hand-torn deckling

on handmade Arches paper

Photo Jun 18, 11 29 33 PM.jpg

Gold Details

On the left, all four edges of the main invitation is deckled with gold leafing. On the right, the bottom of the rehearsal dinner invitation is hand-painted with gold leaf while the rest of the edges are lightly deckled.

Photo Jun 20, 12 28 40 AM.jpg

From here out, we only made one change, which is changing the response envelope to a hunter green color. The rest of the suite then went into full production, and we shot all of the photos literally 5 minutes before we packaged them all to deliver. Below are the photos of the final product:

I want to thank Jess and Jon for the wonderful opportunity of working on this invitation suite. It was such a fun experience, and I hope they are as thrilled with the results as I am. I wish both of them a lifetime of health and happiness.