Spring/Summer Weddings 2017

As we leave summer behind and head towards fall, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the Spring/Summer Wedding Season of this year. I will post more detailed articles on each of the weddings below in due time.

Overall, this Spring/Summer season has been our busiest yet in terms of weddings. From March to August, we completed four weddings; which may not seem like plenty, but considering every wedding goods is designed and produced from scratch, it's been a busy season for us.

Without further ado, here are our four weddings, in chronological order.

No. 1: Jing and Jonathan

Jing found me through instagram around February 2016, and we immediately clicked. Since her wedding took place in Thailand, and her guests will be flying from different parts of the world, we started on her save-the-date-invitation combo a year and a month prior to the actual wedding weekend. In terms of logistics - this is brilliant. If you're thinking of a destination wedding, it's best to let your guests know in advance. To me, a year is not too far in advance, considering that traveling to Thailand from the Western side of the world takes significant planning and travel time.

Jing's wedding weekend was in March of 2017. Although her wedding invitations were mostly sent out by mid-2016, we created a significant amount of Day-Of goods within a month of the wedding.

No. 2: Rebecca and Shelby

When Rebecca told me that she is having a vineyard-by-the-mountains wedding, I was excited. I love painting venues, and I like wine (not that the two necessarily go hand-in-hand). With lovely hues of peach, pink, light greens and steel/dark blue, I incorporated colors in subtle ways and let the simplicity of the overall wedding vibe take center stage. The peonies, cabbage roses, and succulents became the graphic of the invitations, along with gold raised ink calligraphy on the invitations and outer envelopes.


No. 3: Charlotte and Alex

I met Charlotte in our second year of Architecture school. When we met to talk about her September wedding at Hilton Head Island, I was excited that she wanted to have the woodsy Spanish Moss and Live Oaks captured in her invitation. Typically, beach-side weddings correlate to a nautical theme, but a nature-inspired theme (to me) seems more elegant and simple-and-sophisticated.


No. 4: Marvé and Antwan

Marvé and Antwan met in Atlanta, fell in love in Atlanta, and generally loves Atlanta. Although their wedding will take place in a family church outside of the city, the couple wanted to evoke their story and love for the city in a simple, elegant invitation.


These first four weddings are also quite special because these are the first weddings where we have been in total control of the paper goods production. When we first started working on weddings, we only performed design work, and would leave printing and production to the brides and grooms. After long hours of thinking, discussing, and calculating, we decided to invest and build a production studio (aka, bought a high-quality printer, spent many grueling hours learning how it works, and tinkering with it so that we can essentially, make it work as we wished). With our production studio, we can now print and test different paper mediums (especially critical because we offer a varying selection of handmade paper), and basically, make just about anything we want - exciting!

We are now scheduling consults with brides and grooms for November 2017 and seasons of 2018. To schedule a face-to-face, or a Skype/FaceTime consult, feel free to contact me here.

Thank you to all of our brides and grooms who tied the knot this year - we loved being a part of each of your celebrations.