Weddings: Rebecca and Shelby

Rebecca and Shelby's wedding is set at a vineyard in Dahlonega, Georgia. When I met Rebecca, she had a clear idea of what she wanted in terms of her wedding day: Cabbage roses, a light pink/peach/greens/steel blue color palette, simplicity, and elegance. The venue itself is grand, rustic, with breathtaking views of the North Georgia Mountains.

As with any wedding projects, I started by building a mood board. I compiled photos that Rebecca sent to us, along with images on her Pinterest Wedding Board, and photos that I researched based on the information she shared.

cabbage roses.jpg
Example 3.jpg

With this in mind, I started by painting a few vignettes of the details. Cabbage roses, succulents, Murphy (the most dapper puppy!), greenery, and the venue. 


murphy in real life

Murphy Print.jpg

murphy in watercolor

wolf mountain-2.jpg

wolf mountain original painting

Venue painting of Wolf Mountain vineyard in Dahlonega, North Georgia. Rebecca wanted this print as gift to Shelby, and potentially as a part of the wedding suite itself. Bottom "blobs" are abstracts of my cabbage roses vignettes that I later used as a part of the invitation suite.

Roses and Succulents.jpg

original watercolor vignettes of suite elements

Succulents and florals became a strong part of the suite. Later, these paintings are scanned and digitized to create different compositions.


When I design an invitation suite, I look at the project first from a 10,000 feet standpoint - what does the whole suite look like? Often times, when working with a color palette, all of the colors do not need to be thrown  onto the actual invitations. I offer custom colored envelopes, so this is a way to create a suite that is simple, but captures a large part of the details. 

The main challenge that I face when working with a client is the guesswork. Because all of our wedding invitations are bespoke/100% custom, I start every wedding project from scratch, and create different options of similar concepts. Depending on how much material I have to work with (more images and narratives = more options), I generate at least 2-3 options.

OPT 01 SUITE.png

option 1

OPT 03 SUITE.png

option 3

OPT 02 SUITE.png

option 2


option 4


Rebecca chose option 2 - however she still somehow wanted to incorporate Murphy into the suite. So I came up with a custom mailing stamp and a print for the home.

In terms of details, I used gold spot pointed pen calligraphy on the invitation. The copperplate gold ink that I use gives additional raised ink texture, and creates a more luxurious feel to the whole suite. I matched the gold ink on the invitation to the ink I used for addressing the invitation in a similar pointed pen style - simple, classic, and elegant.

Stamp Options.jpg

the murphy stamp

Custom made, just for Rebecca & Shelby.


the raised ink effect

Spot pointed-pen calligraphy in copperplate gold. Paper is Crest Lettra, 300 GSM, in bright white.


pointed pen calligraphy

In copperplate gold ink, against navy blue envelopes.


For the ceremony and post-wedding, I created custom welcome tags that match the wedding invitation suite, tied with hand-dyed silk ribbons. Post-wedding, Rebecca ordered custom thank you cards using their wedding photo, and I painted a border of florals that match the original invitation suite and the florals they actually used for the wedding.


custom tags on ceremony fans

The blue bottom paper is Hanji (origin: Japan), that I custom-hand-dyed. The silk ribbons are from Anastasia Mika, and the "Welcome" tags are on the same Lettra paper that the invitations were printed. The R&S initial is the same as the R&S on their custom wax seal.


custom thank you cards

Using their wedding photo with a subtle bottom border of watercolor florals. Paper is deckled watercolor paper, to give texture.


I want to thank Rebecca and Shelby for allowing us to be a part of their special day, and I wish them a wonderful and happy life together!